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Contrary to what we’ve been convinced of, we are here on this planet to be IN and experience joy! Most of us are totally unaware of what joy actually IS.

My purpose in life is to assist others in discovering how
their personal joy looks, feels, sounds, smells, and


Come spend 3-7 days with me in Bisbee Arizona for an
intensive joyful discovery of who you are meant to be.
Breathe in the Alchemizing copper air, tune into the
frequencies of the quartz crystal, re-calibrate  your inner compass and enjoy the songs of the many local birds while you find your own wings.

Met by the stunning view of the famous "Castle Rock", you will meet and cultivate your inner King or Queen. Maybe both.  You will learn how to BE with all that is magical about yourself AND your surroundings no matter what they might be.

Engage in anything from 3 days of simple private hibernation, RE charging your batteries to full on DEEP inner work on beliefs, shadow, addictions, grief and RE connection with SELF or a partner. It's all welcomed, and customizable to your needs and desires.

Castle Rock
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IMG_3978castle rock top
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heart cactus
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B Hill View
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Rose cross
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heart hive
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