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I am a serial entrepreneur, seeker of spiritual truths, norms challenger, belief buster, breakthrough coach and CRAFTER of magnificence.

Spending my younger life testing the waters and pushing the limits, I landed myself in the beauty industry at 25. I quickly found my place in corporate education and public speaking. Being part of making light bulbs go off for people became my passion. Even doing hair wasn't why I did hair. I found that helping people see and feel the BEST parts of themselves was what lit me up!

Eventually I opened my own salon business, and experienced a gamut of joys and disappointments, but I learned valuable lessons from them all.

After 17 years of being a boss, I decided to let someone else take the reins.

I turned over my salon to a senior Daymaker, and moved to Bisbee Arizona.

I wake up every day to birds, sunshine and exploration.

Since 2013 I have ran a political campaign, healed from a divorce, become a grandmother twice, let go of a career, moved 1000+ miles, stepped into facilitating the healing modality of Polarity, and now see myself as a powerful Breakthrough Coach.

My True North is to help people CRAFT their Culture, Flow, Style, Joy and their  YOUniqueness.

At 55, I am living my BEST life, and I want to assist you in doing the same!!

5D_7 copy 2 jpg.jpg

    My CORE Values

Working with dozens of entities on their organizational culture,
it felt prudent to get clear on my own.

Understanding the importance of core values in guiding the decisions and
directions of a company, I set out to map my own navigation system.

The 5-pointed star above illustrates my Core Values.

Whenever I feel slightly OFF the beam, I take a deep look at
which of my values may be waning.


The 5 point star has been integral to my journey and
communicates my strength and commitment.


If you'd like to CRAFT this type of personal navigation system,
it happens to be one of my favorite things to do.

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